If you are ever find yourself in need of towing you do not need to worry. Whether you got a flat tire, your battery is drained, you need fuel, gas or oil delivery or other roadside issue, we have your back. You will be safely on your way as soon as possible. Our service for emergency is open 24 hours and 7 days of the week. Responsible and trained technician will be on your way as soon as possible to deal and diagnose the matter at hand. We have all types and sizes of vehicle ready to meet all your towing needs.



Among all the methods of towing flatbed towing is currently one of the most popular and preferred.  The reason being that a flatbed towing has a flat attachment to the rear end of truck, a bed really for your vehicle and safely brings it to destination. 
Flatbed towing is the best way to prevent further damage to the towed vehicle
 and the truck is also much stabler on the road than any other towing truck.
We have a wide range of state-of -the-art vehicle and flatbed towing truck available to complete any road issues or event you may encounter.





Grand Forks Towing can easily manage all kinds of large vehicles such as dump trucks, transit buses, school buses, cranes, construction equipment, tractor trailers, fire trucks. We can be on the scene in a timely manner resulting in an efficient  and affordable solution.We have experience with heavy duty towing providing state-of-the-art heavy wreckers, recovery and towing equipment. Our team of seasoned technicians relays on years of experience in hauling heavy loads on the road and will be ready able to handle any unexpected towing needs.


We have all sizes of truck also for medium and wheel lift towing, perfect for recovering vehicles that have gone into a ditch or stuck off hard surface.They allow us to retrieve vehicles in situations with most limited access. The medium size allows for a better maneuvering with more towing and recovering ability than a small tow truck. We rely on capable machinery and experienced drivers to help our customers with all of their emergency  towing needs. We also specialize in motorcycle and rider bike towing. We have specially equipped trucks that have cradles, ramps and flatbeds that enables them to tow your motorcycle without damaging your bikes undercarriage.